Mi Smart Watch Lite

Mi Watch Lite is not just a smart watch, it has its own unique personalityHandles both indoor and outdoor exercise, your own personal trainerProfessional health monitoring, keep track of your physical conditionPrecise dual satellite positioning system, explore endlesslyUp to 9 days of battery life, saving the trouble of daily charging Featured Products $139.30   1217Continue reading “Mi Smart Watch Lite”

LIGE Smart Watch

Compatible with IOS and AndroidIP67/IP68 water resistantProfessional health monitoringCall on your watch through bluetooth connection with the phoneProviding timely reminders for SMS messages, incoming calls, calendar events and other social media apps Featured Products $23.39   1770 sold $31.44   1689 sold $22.49   1225 sold $25.49   1365 sold $28.04   2360 sold MoreContinue reading “LIGE Smart Watch”

EraClean Refrigerator Deodorizing Sterilizer

Refrigerator deodorizes, prolongs preservationDesigned for refrigerator, beautiful and not occupying spaceMulti-scene use: clean room smell, deodorize wardrobe and shoe cabinet, car deodorize, disinfect toys, etcBuilt-in 800mAh battery, USB charging Featured Products $22.62   15 sold $31.79   15 sold $23.50   15 sold $23.99   15 sold $23.99   38 sold More ..

Oceanrich Portable Automatic Hand Brewing Coffee Maker

The coffee machine with intelligent programming was designed to simulate “Golden Cup Norm” of the Japanese pour over coffee master, and it can calculate the most difficult to grasp the water flow speed, constant water injection speed, water injection height and other data information for a cup of top pour over coffee. Achieve a reasonableContinue reading “Oceanrich Portable Automatic Hand Brewing Coffee Maker”